Mindful Breathing for Wellness

https://youtu.be/wtxuLnfnVWQ Breathing is an action that most of us don’t even think about. However, there are many various ways to breathe and we naturally breathe differently in different situations. Changing how we breathe can affect our wellness, by relaxing our body, helping our mind focus, alter our mood, and lessen the effect of stress. Through … Continue reading Mindful Breathing for Wellness

An Introduction to Restorative Yoga

https://youtu.be/zbwswpxD4-U As most of us are still in our homes, waiting for regulations to lower, there has been no better time to take a deep breath and do some stretching. As you read this, relax your jaw, release the tension in your shoulders, and slowly turn your head side to side. If that felt good … Continue reading An Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Surviving and Thriving with Harriet

When you're at your lowest doing anything can feel impossible. Hopelessness and self doubt convince you that nothing you do can help. Those feelings lie to you, trying to blind you to the light that's around you. Harriet Schreger found her light at the end of the tunnel through yoga. Harriet Schreger Harriet, an instructor … Continue reading Surviving and Thriving with Harriet