Clearing Your Body of Inflammation As we continue to look forward, we continue to focus on our health and strengthening our immune systems. Everyday stressors however, create inflammation and negatively affect our immune system's ability to fight against diseases and viruses. Inflammation has been linked to a large majority of common illnesses and health conditions. Therefore it's vital to … Continue reading Clearing Your Body of Inflammation

Boost Your Immune System Using Your Breath and Water While we are at home, waiting for restrictions to lower, it's a perfect time for us to focus on strengthening our immune systems. Whether we want to protect ourselves from COVID-19 or start preparing for the upcoming flu season. Establishing your immune system boosting routine will allow you to stay protected all year round. … Continue reading Boost Your Immune System Using Your Breath and Water

An Introduction to Restorative Yoga As most of us are still in our homes, waiting for regulations to lower, there has been no better time to take a deep breath and do some stretching. As you read this, relax your jaw, release the tension in your shoulders, and slowly turn your head side to side. If that felt good … Continue reading An Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Using Meditation to Find Peace Within As many parts of the world are lowering restrictions and even fully reopening, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are now able to start venturing out of our safe havens, or at least start plans to. This is something so many of us have been looking forward to, … Continue reading Using Meditation to Find Peace Within

How to Take Care of Yourself While Sick with COVID While the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, it's likely that you know someone whose life has been affected by the COVID-19 disease. With almost 2.5 million cases confirmed cases worldwide, it's important to know what to do if you think you have the virus. Living situations vary greatly, you might live alone, with a … Continue reading How to Take Care of Yourself While Sick with COVID