Strengthening Your Lungs to Help Fight Coronavirus During the coronavirus pandemic, a disease that attacks your lungs, it's a time meant to recognize the importance of your respiratory system. Some coronavirus patients have experienced a drop of 20 to 30% in lung function. Your lungs are responsible for keeping you breathing and through that keep every other organ in your body … Continue reading Strengthening Your Lungs to Help Fight Coronavirus

Calming Pandemic Anxiety Through Breath During this time when there is so much focus on our physical health, it's important to not forget about our mental health. Holed up in our houses and uncertain of what is to come during this time, anxiety and stress can easily build until it feels unbearable. This can be especially difficult if you … Continue reading Calming Pandemic Anxiety Through Breath

Knitting Meditation Workshop

This past Friday, January 24th, I held my first knitting meditation workshop at Pick Up Every Stitch. Having my first class during the new moon allowed me to benefit from the moon's growing energy to sow the seeds of this long-term project, as I will be teaching this class regularly. During the workshop, I showed … Continue reading Knitting Meditation Workshop

Meditation Knitting

Meditation, for many people, can be a difficult practice to incorporate into their daily lives. Quieting one's mind and turning your attention from the chaos of the everyday can feel daunting when there's nothing concrete to focus your attention on. Being able to combine your hobbies and meditation allows it to become a mindfulness practice … Continue reading Meditation Knitting

The Importance of Self Care Rituals

With our daily lives so busy and hectic, it can be easy to forget things. We've all forgotten something important while caught up in the chaos. Developing routines makes it key to remembering what we need to. In the same way, we need to make taking care of ourselves a ritual. Rituals are daily ceremonies … Continue reading The Importance of Self Care Rituals

Reconnecting With Yourself Through Meditation

When life is hectic, our thoughts will naturally race, trying to keep up with everything that's going on. While stuck in this panicked state, our minds miss things. We miss the opportunities to let life slow down and take a moment to ensure that all is well. Meditation slows life down and redirects your attention … Continue reading Reconnecting With Yourself Through Meditation