The Impact of COVID-19 Anxiety As we move into flu season and COVID-19 cases continue to increase, it's inevitable for anxiety to creep in. While the concern is completely understandable, you may be surprised by the side effects your body goes through. Living in a state of fear can have a long-term impact on your health. It's important to … Continue reading The Impact of COVID-19 Anxiety

The Healing Power of Music We all know how much of an effect music can have on our mindsets. You may find yourself suddenly dancing in the kitchen or singing in the car when one of your favorite songs plans on the radio. Music has a profound ability to influence our mood, whether through memories or simply how it … Continue reading The Healing Power of Music

Mindful Breathing for Wellness Breathing is an action that most of us don’t even think about. However, there are many various ways to breathe and we naturally breathe differently in different situations. Changing how we breathe can affect our wellness, by relaxing our body, helping our mind focus, alter our mood, and lessen the effect of stress. Through … Continue reading Mindful Breathing for Wellness

Reducing Inflammation with Rosemary Inflammation is one of the most common and widespread issues in the body, which is the body's response to an immune reaction. A large majority of common illnesses and health conditions have been linked to inflammation, such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and an increased risk of cancer. While there are numerous anti-inflammatory medications … Continue reading Reducing Inflammation with Rosemary

Feeling Run Down? Here’s Probably Why In order to have a healthy life, you need to follow the routine necessary for fully enriching your body. Without a healthy lifestyle, even missing a few elements, your body, mind, and soul cannot flourish. If you have noticed your well being declining, not being able to feel your best, that means there are … Continue reading Feeling Run Down? Here’s Probably Why

Improving Your Mental Health and Immune System The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a strong immune system. As we've learned, building up our body's defenses goes beyond the well known basic needs, including taking care of one of our most important organs, our brain. While we know that if a problem occurs in one organ it can affect … Continue reading Improving Your Mental Health and Immune System