An Introduction to Restorative Yoga As most of us are still in our homes, waiting for regulations to lower, there has been no better time to take a deep breath and do some stretching. As you read this, relax your jaw, release the tension in your shoulders, and slowly turn your head side to side. If that felt good … Continue reading An Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Using Meditation to Find Peace Within As many parts of the world are lowering restrictions and even fully reopening, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are now able to start venturing out of our safe havens, or at least start plans to. This is something so many of us have been looking forward to, … Continue reading Using Meditation to Find Peace Within

Relieving Lockdown Tension with Lavender Oil While the coronavirus outbreak has been stressful on its own, there is also the added strain of lockdowns and social distancing. As we're required to spend longer lengths indoors, it's understandable to start feeling restless and on edge. Aromatherapy and essential oils are a way to quickly ease this stress utilizing your sense of … Continue reading Relieving Lockdown Tension with Lavender Oil