How to Reduce Coronavirus Symptoms

With flu season just around the corner and COVID-19 cases on the rise again, protecting your health is crucial. However, even with taking all the precautions we can, we may still become ill. While the idea of having COVID-19 may be terrifying, there are ways to treat it’s symptoms. Master FaXiang Hou has a helpful … Continue reading How to Reduce Coronavirus Symptoms

Reducing Inflammation with Rosemary Inflammation is one of the most common and widespread issues in the body, which is the body's response to an immune reaction. A large majority of common illnesses and health conditions have been linked to inflammation, such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and an increased risk of cancer. While there are numerous anti-inflammatory medications … Continue reading Reducing Inflammation with Rosemary

Chinese Herbs in Helping Treat Coronavirus Currently, to treat COVID-19, there is only one FDA approved treatment (remdesivir) and a drug going through a clinical trial, hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria medication, interactions with drugs used to regulate the heartbeat. It may also cause direct myocardial toxicity and worsen cardiomyopathy, a problem that can lead to heart failure. Additionally, remdesivir, an … Continue reading Chinese Herbs in Helping Treat Coronavirus

COVID-19 Impact on Heart Health It's been almost five months since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. Even after all this time, there is still constantly new information learned about this virus. Originally, it was thought that COVID-19 was primarily a respiratory disease, but as more patients have contracted the virus and been … Continue reading COVID-19 Impact on Heart Health