Slowing Down to Enjoy the Moment

Do you ever find yourself rushing from one thing to the next? Feeling as though you can't slow down because you're worried nothing will get accomplished? Yet in all the chaos, something will probably slip through the cracks, causing you to feel even more stressed. Even though you try to convince yourself that you need … Continue reading Slowing Down to Enjoy the Moment

Knitting Meditation Workshop

This past Friday, January 24th, I held my first knitting meditation workshop at Pick Up Every Stitch. Having my first class during the new moon allowed me to benefit from the moon's growing energy to sow the seeds of this long-term project, as I will be teaching this class regularly. During the workshop, I showed … Continue reading Knitting Meditation Workshop

The Gift of Breathing

As many books, podcasts, and videos as there are on breathing, there are equally as many different methods. Between Pranayama, a formal yoga exercise of breath control, and Wim Hof's forceful breathing technique, there are practices for everyone. The idea is to choose one that works for you and make it part of your personal … Continue reading The Gift of Breathing

Breathing in Autumn

Autumn is the season where days slowly get shorter and colder. The leaves begin to change, showing off their beautiful shades before they fall off the trees to prepare for the winter. The chill in the air reminds us to bundle up in our cozy sweaters and scarves so we don't get sick. It's the … Continue reading Breathing in Autumn

Breathing Wins Nobel Prize

Science has long known the importance of breathing, but how our cells adapt to changing oxygen levels had been unknown until now. Three scientists have won this year's Nobel Prize for their discovery of how our cells sense oxygen levels and adapt to low levels, according to The Guardian. The medical prize is shared by … Continue reading Breathing Wins Nobel Prize

And Breathe…

You can go weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without your breath. Breathing is our first, most important part of keeping ourselves alive and well. However, that doesn't mean that it can't be a wholesome and enjoyable experience. Conscious breathing exercises are the first step in accomplishing that. Conscious breathing … Continue reading And Breathe…