Enhancing Connection with Mind, Body, and Spirit

https://youtu.be/KGqPTWwC28w In Western culture, what is tangible and quantifiable frequently outweighs things that are elusive. However, many fields of study, such as psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, genomics, and so on have begun recognizing the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Conventional scientific studies are now beginning to explore ancient holistic medicine, such as meditation and yoga, … Continue reading Enhancing Connection with Mind, Body, and Spirit

Mindful Breathing for Wellness

https://youtu.be/wtxuLnfnVWQ Breathing is an action that most of us don’t even think about. However, there are many various ways to breathe and we naturally breathe differently in different situations. Changing how we breathe can affect our wellness, by relaxing our body, helping our mind focus, alter our mood, and lessen the effect of stress. Through … Continue reading Mindful Breathing for Wellness

Feeling Run Down? Here’s Probably Why

https://youtu.be/-1r9VO_BY-k In order to have a healthy life, you need to follow the routine necessary for fully enriching your body. Without a healthy lifestyle, even missing a few elements, your body, mind, and soul cannot flourish. If you have noticed your well being declining, not being able to feel your best, that means there are … Continue reading Feeling Run Down? Here’s Probably Why

How to Get Your Life Back on Track

https://youtu.be/XHPJCEBsbiI We've all had moments of weakness that interrupt our routine. Whether it's breaking your exercise routine after a long day of work or having a weekend binge, throwing off your nutritious diet, it feels like your old unhealthy habits are rearing their heads again. For whatever reason, you fell off your diet plan, skipped … Continue reading How to Get Your Life Back on Track