Using Meditation to Find Peace Within

As many parts of the world are lowering restrictions and even fully reopening, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are now able to start venturing out of our safe havens, or at least start plans to. This is something so many of us have been looking forward to, being able to get back to our lives. However, we may still find ourselves anxious about going out, worrying we may get sick or nervous about the sudden change. Even as things are slowly changing to the norm, it’s important we still take the time to prioritize our mental health and focus on ways to stay calm. The key to doing this is through meditation.

The word meditation is derived from the Latin word “meditari”, meaning to think. Many people have the misunderstanding that in order to meditate, they cannot think. However, meditating is more thinking about thinking. The main foundation for mediation is to be mindful of ourselves and our thoughts, not judging them or pushing them away.

To help relax ourselves and feel more confident, we can learn to embody peace through meditation. By meditating on the concept of peace, we can find it within ourselves. This can sound daunting though if it’s something you’ve never done. After all, how does one meditate on an idea?

First, start off by finding a comfortable position for yourself, whether that’s sitting or laying down. Then, meditate on the word “peace”. Simply repeat it over and over, not allowing anything else to come into your mind. If something else does, gently bring your attention back and continue repeating. Repeating the word will allow you to clear your mind of all other thoughts.

Let your mind delve a bit deeper into the idea. Allow only thoughts related to peace to remain. If any unrelated thoughts appear, simply let them drift away and focus your attention back on thoughts of peace. Using your thoughts, visualize peace. Imagine your idea of peace in different places, things, and people. Envision scenes that you find peaceful. Allow yourself to be in those scenes and feel the harmony and tranquility within them. Let the feeling wash over and envelope you.

Once you have that feeling of peace in your mind, envision it within yourself. It may help to visualize the feeling as a source of light within you or surrounding you. You can also imagine that you breathe in peace with every breath you take. Choose whatever form you visualize that works for you, so long as you are able to see and feel the peace within yourself.

This meditation practice is most effective by making it a part of your daily routine, even if it’s only for five minutes. Slowly, over time, you will feel that sense of peace at all times, as you were able to find it within yourself and restore it. By having that harmony inside you, you can always return to it whenever you need.

While things around us are continuing to change again, we don’t need to fall into a hole of anxiety. Using this time to find peace within yourself will not only help you through the current uncertainties but also for all your future difficulties. Your inner peace will be useful to help you make good decisions and to keep yourself well.

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