Changing Mood with Smell

Have you had the experience of smelling something freshly baked and suddenly feeling warm inside? Or maybe you’ve had all your muscles relax after breathing in a bouquet of flowers? Smells have an incredible power to influence our bodies, thoughts, and feelings.

Our sense of smell is an especially important sense that doesn’t get enough recognition. The shortest pathway exists between our nose and our brain, so our smell is the fastest communicating sense. This is why our brain is able to create strong associations with scents.

Certain smells associated with any memories will cause such intense responses for this reason. You’ll be able to feel as though you’re actually back in that memory, feeling everything you felt then. This relationship between smells and memories gives you a perfect opportunity to perk yourself up and change your mood in an instant.

It’s important to find the right scent to put you in a brighter mood. Particular scents might have associations for you that they wouldn’t for others so it’s all a matter of person preference. You can go to any store that sells essential oils and test how each makes you feel. It’s important to find the right oil for you.

Once you find a smell that washes you in relaxation and happiness, always keep it with you in your bag or car. When you feel overwhelmed with or rundown with negativity, go into a bathroom, splash some cold water on your face to bring yourself fully into the present, put a drop or two of your essential oil on your hands, cup your hands over your face, and breath in deeply. Instantly, your mood will change just from the intensity of the smell alone. You’ll be able to relax yourself and recenter.

It can be incredibly difficult to pull ourselves out of intense feelings. Having your essential oil on hand however allows you to essentially have an emergency override on your emotions. Simply knowing that you now have that ability will allow you to be more relaxed overall and focus on enjoying what you want to.

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