Trusting Yourself And Starting to Take Your Own Advice

Have you ever had the experience of giving someone helpful advice, yet feeling lost when it comes to your own problems? It can feel easier to come up with solutions when looking in from an outside perspective. However, we always subconsciously know what we feel is the best course of action to take; it gets buried under fear, judgement, and not knowing if we can trust ourselves.

The idea of trusting yourself may not be something that you’ve necessarily thought about before. We live with ourselves constantly, so it would be natural for us to trust ourselves as well, right? For some people, it does happen naturally, but that’s not the case for everyone.

When that trust doesn’t develop on its own, it can be difficult to grow, especially with how much information there is out there. Rather than treating our opinions as valid, we’ll often turn to other sources, such as the internet, to seek out advice.

It’s important to realize that your thoughts and feelings are valid. Deep down, you know the best advice for yourself. No one else can give you advice that can perfectly fit your morals, feelings, and concerns.

That’s why taking small steps to start developing trust now is vital. When we’re in times of need, we aren’t capable of that, since our first focus is on getting ourselves better. It’s a practice that slowly grows over time, in the same way a tree can’t grow overnight.

The next time a problem pops up, try not to ask others for advice. Instead, take a moment to relax, think about your feelings on the situation, and listen to yourself. You’ll know what is best for you.

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