Surviving and Thriving with Harriet

When you’re at your lowest doing anything can feel impossible. Hopelessness and self doubt convince you that nothing you do can help. Those feelings lie to you, trying to blind you to the light that’s around you. Harriet Schreger found her light at the end of the tunnel through yoga.

Harriet Schreger

Harriet, an instructor from Katonah Yoga that who I mentioned in my previous post, has had an incredibly difficult life. Twenty-two years ago, she suffered from stage two breast cancer. She had to not only undergo aggressive chemo and radiation but also a double mastectomy and hysterectomy.

During this time Harriet found herself at Katonah Yoga, seeking comfort and something to ground her. While outside, stopping to pick up a class schedule, Harriet was approached by Nevine Michaan, who told her not to wait and to come inside for a private lesson.

Motivated and moved by Nevine’s words and her generosity during their individual sessions, Harriet was determined to make yoga a part of her life. She wanted to make an active effort to practice to help her through her healing process.

Not only did Harriet find yoga to be healing, she also found her career and passion. In time, she became an instructor at Katonah Yoga and has been teaching there ever since. Harriet makes it her mission to help her students use yoga to transform their lives for the better.

Harriet is now almost seventy years old and healthier than ever. She’s been cancer free for twenty-one years and has been teaching yoga for the past sixteen years. You would never imagine that out of everyone who had walked through the doors of Katonah Yoga that she was the most broken.

Through healing, Harriet found her life. She has been able to completely turn her life around by changing her story. You can change your story too.

Harriet teaching a yoga class at Katonah Yoga

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