Unleash Your Inner Fire with The Iceman

Overtime, we as humans have lost touch with our natural inner power. Our breath alone has incredible healing capabilities, we simply need to relearn how to use it. Wim Hof, known as The Iceman, has rediscovered this power and has helped many lives by sharing his experience.

I first found out about Wim Hof through Nevine Michaan, owner and founder of Katonah Yoga, while I was very sick. At the time I was suffering from leukemia and Nevine suggested I look into his method. After six months of using his breathing technique, my blood tests came back clear.

The Wim Hof Method was not only life saving for me, but also helped me get more in touch with my body. Rather than closing myself off to stress, I’ve learned to open myself up and embrace it. Having that acceptance and power has made me so much happier and healthier.

Wim Hof will be having a Wim Hof Experience seminar on October 4th in San Jose. His seminars are a one of a kind experience that can help your inner fire.

May 2017, with Wim Hof after one of his seminars in Brooklyn (Me, Wim Wof, and Sara Gomes)

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